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My Philosophy ~ Be Kind, We’re all in this together.

Passionate about balance in whatever form it takes, Eric strives to abide.  Whether it’s walking a tightwire, slacklining, climbing the tallest tree in the woods, riding his bike, or spending time with family, achieving a life in balance has always been his goal.

With a background in circus, music, and outdoor adventuring, Eric’s spiritual philosophy has been forged by a lifetime of practice.  A devout citizen of the world and madly in love with its wonders, Eric is a dedicated ambassador of joy as well as a consummate trickster.

Eric was lucky to have been born a white male in America to a working middle-class family, and he acknowledges that privilege. But look into his eyes and you will see a compassionate human dedicated to serving the greater good and willing to work his ass off to make it happen. 

Eric’s biggest personal challenges have to do with encountering selfishness and ignorance, and he tries to take such interactions as opportunities to embody patience and mindfulness, though usually doesn’t succeed. He sincerely believes we are always capable of achieving win-win solutions in whatever endeavors we undertake, it just takes a willingness to truly listen by everyone involved.

His tombstone should read:

Working towards mutually beneficial outcomes will be our salvation as a species.

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.  ~ Dante 

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