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Nurturing conversation towards a more respectful relationship between humans and our planet. 


TemplEarth is a work in progress. It’s just an idea I had, but it won’t go away. It seems to expand daily in terms of what it could be, but at it’s simplest, TemplEarth is a handle for anything that uses the arts and creativity to help raise awareness of the challenges of our times and anything that helps nurture a respectful, loving relationship with the living Earth.

Art that connects us to our greater community, music that serves to help wake us up, poetry that reminds us that we are all connected, performance art that tells the story of how we came to be… anything that nurtures a vibrant and loving relationship with each other and the earth community.

Creative forms of climate activism that grab attention above and beyond holding signs and chanting are right up our alley, while also recognizing that anything that strengthens community is a vibrant form of climate activism as well. 

TemplEarth’s mission is to serve connectivity between all forms of life, and to awaken our sense of mutually beneficial conscious stewardship. I’m envisioning fellowship celebrations that help awaken our communities, and remind us to stay woke while actively honoring that which animates and sustains our being.

Anything that helps clarify how we perceive our relationship with the earth, with other species, with each other as humans, in the context of the whole earth… that is the mission of TemplEarth ~ nurturing healthy relationships in every human context.

Please consider actively supporting TemplEarth ~ reach out to connect if your creativity aligns with this vision, or consider sharing other resources ~ every dollar serves this worthy vision and sustains programming, active outreach, and patronage of aligned projects.

More on the spark that led to TemplEarth can be found here in the blog.

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