Small Craft Advisory
Over three years in the making, the Spoken Word Music of Eric Geoffrey is defining a new crossover genre between spoken word and theatrical sound sculpture. 

Part storytelling, part social commentary, part spiritual philosophy, this is a collection that takes us through a secular creation story, to observations on an authentic life, and poses questions about our witnessing of climate change, the value of natural resources, and the disfunction of current political processes. 

 Available to stream or download in Fall 2018.

Since each track in this album is intended to spark a conversation, this collection of pieces really thrives in a live community setting, whether a house concert, a place of worship, or in a small venue.  Each piece serves as a springboard to help focus the exploration of a group conversation, and the overall arc of the program leads us on a journey from origins through personal and societal struggles and towards self realization.   If you would like to host or sponsor one of these gatherings please get in touch and I look forward to bringing the spoken word music of the Small Craft Advisory to you!

“What is madness but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance?” 
~ Theodore Roethke.
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