Passionate about balance
in whatever form it takes, Eric strives to abide.  Whether it’s slacklining with friends, climbing the tallest tree in the woods, riding his bicycle (Bicycle!), or spending time with family, achieving a life in balance is always the goal of his soul.  A devout Citizen of the World, Eric is a dedicated ambassador of joy, and a consummate trickster.
My Philosophy ~ be kind. We’re all in this together.

There is no Planet B.
I have little to no patience for selfishness and ignorance, and do not suffer fools well.  I sincerely believe we are always capable of achieving win-win solutions in whatever endeavors we undertake. Working towards mutually beneficial outcomes will be our salvation as a species.
Let’s stay connected…
I will never sell, rent, or otherwise give away the information you choose to share with me here, nor will I bombard you with frequent mailings.   
I will however reach out from time to time and share exciting creations and happenings with you in the hopes that you will share them as well.
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
~ Dante